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DAYS Club and Charity

DAYS Club and Charity

Our web based service is designed to ensure that every £1 pound donated to charity reaches the Charity without being diluted by administration charges as happens with many of the existing services.

Also we aim to achieve control for the donor on how the donation is spent, by having transparency for the Charity Projects therefore giving the donor a more emotionally rewarding outcome.

Our service is equally applicable to business or individuals and is intended to dramatically increase the level of donations and give the donor confidence that they have control of the outcome of the donation.

Research has identified that many more people would donate to Charity if they were sure the donation was not wasted or diluted and those that were already donating would give more if they were confidents the money was spent wisely.

How It Works

Through the DAYS-Club over 5000 retailers are offering member's extremely attractive discounts for you and your family to enjoy, easily saving the members over £1000 each year.

Once you become a member a virtual bank account is established for you, into which you can add donations you wish to make but this bank account is primarily to collect free donations which you will receive from retailers when you purchase through your DAYS-Club membership.

When you have funds in your virtual bank account and you are ready to donate this fund to charity it can either be transferred to any registered charity of your choice or you can choose a specific charity project to support, many of which will be shown on this website.

Once you have chosen your charity or project to support you are still in control of your donation as the funds you allocate will be transferred to a pre-paid card made out in favour of your selected charity.

When the charities are receiving your donation they have agreed terms in how the funds are spent and you , as the donor, can request the funds are re-called or re-allocated for any breach of these terms.

Transparency of how your donation was spent is achieved by expenditure reports on the pre-paid card, allocated to the charity.

This is your money, as the donor, and you should have some control on how it is spent.

Community & Charity Projects.

If you have a Community or Charity project requiring funding they can be posted on our website.

For those wishing to support these projects as a member you can allocate your virtual account fund and any donation you wish to add. Or as a member you have the option to donate your funds to your chosen charity general fund.


As our service expands DAYS-Club members will generate more opportunities to raise FREE Donations, for those that are not members there are still ways in which you can raise donations or make donations to your charitable cause using our pre-paid card service.

For members, we will be sourcing match funds and sponsor me funding and will be introducing Free monthly random draw prizes, where sums can be allocated to your virtual bank account to grow your donation fund.

As a Company you can have a far more transparent payroll giving service through the use of a pre-paid card and can raise funds for charity through fun-runs, charity of the year projects all without the donation having the burden of administration fees.

There are many ways for both members of the public and company staff to engage and see the outcome of their endeavours and for less than 16p per week for family DAYS-Club membership not only will the members save on everyday expenditure but they will grow their own charitable foundation through their virtual bank account.

Virtual Bank Account.

In conjunction with EnumisYour virtual bank account will be a secure on-line account into which we can transfer funds but cannot without your authorisation withdraw funds.

Initially the account will only collect funds and enable you to make donation payments but with technology advances we are hoping to offer further member services.

A virtual bank account will be established for all DAYS-Club members and currently this service is only available to DAYS-Club members.

Pre-Paid Cards.

Echo CardBy using the technology behind pre-paid cards the donor has the ability to validate expenditure on the pre-paid card issued to the charity onto which the donation was transferred.

Pre-Paid cards are an ideal tool for operating fundraising clubs, collecting sponsorships, payroll giving services or for many other philanthropic activities as they remove most of the costs associated with existing methods.

Payroll Donating.

We are currently able to offer a payroll donating service that enables any business large or small to provide a system that deducts from the staff payroll the defined donations by staff members and transfers directly to the charity pre-paid card.

This enables the donations to still be monitored by the business and if appropriate recalled or re-allocated .


Membership of the DRS-Club has a two-fold objective, firstly to bring you and your family the best of retailer discounts and secondly to achieve cost free donations to the charity of your choice and transparency of how the Charity uses those funds.

For less than 16p per week savings can be made at over 5000 retailers and savings in excess of £1000 per year are easily achieved. Most of your favourite retailers and supermarkets are offering discounts on everyday shopping, holidays, insurance and those special purchases. Why Not Join Today?

Community and Charity Services.

The object of DAYS is to dramatically increase the level of donations, by as much as 400% and to remove the administration costs levied by existing services on donations.

With greater transparency on how donations are spent high donations will be achieved with a much greater participation.

Various community and charity projects will be promoted for funding through the service, requiring details of the project, funding required with start and finish dates for funding. These projects will be promoted through direct and crowd sourcing routes and will be paid to the charity on a project defined pre-paid card.

Many other Free fundraising services will be made available to charities to ensure future growth of cause funding.

Through a partner organisation, Old Park Capital, we are able to achieve high growth interest return with the funds guaranteed without risk, far greater than bank interest achieves.